Friday, December 10, 2010

Gingrich, Cuccinelli Highlight Heritage Foundation President's Club meetings

The RC Blog spent the last two days at The Heritage Foundation's President's Club meetings in Washington, D.C. and was (as we always are...) overly impressed with the work of Heritage's staff.  President Dr. Ed Feulner announced to the 1,200+ record crowd that Heritage membership has now grown to over 700,000.  There were a number of panel sessions during the afternoon, including the impact of ObamaCare and where the Conservative party goes next after the 2010 elections. 

In the evening, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gave the keynote address at the dinner.  Gingrich continues to show why he is one of the party's most strategic thinkers.  Truly a man of genius and intellect!!

The highlight of Day Two was the morning speech by Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli.  The RC Blog has attended more than 15 Heritage President's Club meetings over the years and has never seen the membership audience respond to a non-keynote speech as they did this morning for Cuccinelli.   He has captured the attention of leading Conservatives nationwide with his message of liberty.

I will post the videos of the President's Club speeches once Heritage posts them.

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