Friday, March 6, 2009

Hypocrisy and Irony Meet In Congress

Mental Brief from the Right Side -- by R.C. Blogger Christian Stockel
Hypocrisy and Irony Meet In Congress

One cannot complain that the Obama administration does not provide opportunities for entertainment. On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was testifying before Rep. Charlie Rangel's Ways & Means Committee. He made a bold promise to Chairman Rangel that the Obama administration intends to propose "a series of legislative and enforcement measures to reduce . . . tax evasion and avoidance." Geithner looked Charlie Rangel straight in the eye and made that statement and neither one burst out laughing. No one even flinched – they both kept straight-faced.

There could be no better example that the United States has fallen down the rabbit hole than this little piece of history. We have a Secretary of the Treasury, a known tax cheat, making that statement to a Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee who is also a known tax cheat.

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