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Human Life International Launches New Affiliate - HLI America

Big announcement late last week from Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, President of Human Life International:

The great founder of Human Life International, Fr. Paul Marx, said time and time again: "When you sow contraception, you reap abortion." The vast majority of Americans just don't get the connection. The truth of his prophetic words continues to unfold before our eyes in the epidemic of promiscuity and the ongoing slaughter of the innocents through abortion. Some of the inherent blindness of this mentality was on display recently when the new Miss USA, a Catholic-school-educated Lebanese American named Rima Fakih, said that she thinks birth control should be paid for by insurance companies. Unfortunately, Miss Fakih is not unique in her opinion at all. She represents what I call the "default mentality" of our age, which believes that contraception is both a "medication" (as Miss Fakih said) and a legitimate part of "healthcare."

Now, in memory of Fr. Marx who did everything he could to stem the tide of contraception, HLI is taking the extraordinary step of setting up an American affiliate known simply as HLI America. With affiliates and associates in over 100 countries, I have often been asked if HLI does any pro-life work in our own country. In answering this fair question I usually point to the hundreds of pro-life groups all around the country and the thousands of Pregnancy Care Centers and let people know that the bases are well-covered here, but not overseas. In fact, HLI literally is the pro-life movement in dozens of countries that would not have any organized opposition to the culture of death were it not for our presence.


Very few pro-life groups in our country are dealing with the root cause of abortion, which is the Pernicious Pill and all other forms of contraception that have given the abortion industry its feeder system of contraceptive failures and the devaluing of women and children. "Sow contraception, reap abortion" is dead on. We might add that contraception also reaps infanticide of baby girls, male sexual irresponsibility, marital and family breakdown and a whole host of other evils that afflict our society today.

Our choice for heading up HLI America is the very dynamic Jenn Giroux who, as a Registered Nurse and a mother of nine, has a proven track record of fighting contraception. I have met a lot of people throughout the last million miles I have travelled, and, among them, very few stand out as being as authentic, committed and ready for battle as Jenn. She is someone I can fully endorse as part of the HLI mission. I am delighted to introduce Mrs. Giroux as Executive Director of HLI America to our Spirit & Life audience and let you know that she deserves our full support in this magnificent work she is undertaking.

What will HLI America do? We're going to fight the "big lie" of contraception head on and promote the value and beauty of large families. American culture desperately needs these twin witnesses! As part of this effort, HLI America will also be launching the Association of Large Families (ALFA) soon as a way of affirming the most degraded and despised institution in America after the Catholic Priesthood - the large family. Stay tuned for more information on this initiative in the future.

Please take a moment to look at the HLI America website and then join Jenn Giroux and HLI in this effort to attack the culture of death in America at its root: the culture of contraception. Our challenge is to take on this issue, and the overwhelming power and influence of the mass media, in order to stop its distortion of the truth regarding contraception. Otherwise, Miss USA and the men and women of this upcoming generation will continue to wallow in their ignorance and further promote the big lie, while families continue to suffer.
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