Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Key Victories for R.C. Blog Supported Candidates!

On Saturday, two candidates supported and endorsed by the R.C. Blog, captured key victories at GOP conventions. 

First, in Virginia's 10th Congressional District, Howie Lind captured the majority of the 823 delegates in attendance and was elected as the District's new GOP Chairman.  Here are a few of Lind's post-victory comments:

"I am humbled beyond words for the trust you have placed in my hands today. I pledge to you that I will exhaust every energy that I posses to return your confidence in me a hundred fold. For those of you who did not support me today, nonetheless I am your Chairman as well. And I pledge to you that I will work just as hard to earn your support in the future.

These are scary times. Our Republic, in my judgment at least, is in dangerous waters. I fear for our Virginia and our America. I don't want to be counted as one of those who saw great danger and did nothing. I don't think you do either.

What we are being called to do is stand on the barricades here - in the 10th District. And to do more that we ever thought we could. We hope and pray that others in other districts all across the Commonwealth and the nation are doing likewise. Perhaps some will see our example here and say, 'Yes - I can make a stand right where I am, just like those Virginians in the 10th District!'

In the end, we are called to defend our traditions and values by our very hard work in the upcoming years and by our votes. That's what we are called to - hard work and passionate commitment.

Again, you have my heartfelt gratitude and my thanks. And I ask Our Great God to bless this land and bless you and bless our families. And I ask Him, humbly, to bless our efforts for the preservation of His gift of Liberty."

In Wisconsin, GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker captured 91.3 percent of the delegate vote at the Wisconsin GOP convention in Milwaukee over rival and former congressman Mark Neuwmann. 

That gives Walker access to money, volunteers, voter and donor lists, and additional party resources to mount his campaign. Neumann will still appear on the primary ballot in September.

Walker got loud applause, ringing bells, and a lot of sign waving as he spoke to the crowd at the Frontier Airlines Center Saturday night. The winner of the Republican primary will likely face Democrat Tom Barrett in November. is an independent site and is not affiliated with any official web sites, associations, or organizations associated with President Reagan. Any views expressed or content included on this site do not necessarily reflect the views, positions, or opinions of any of the organizations or individuals named, linked, or advertised.

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