Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"McBollinelli" Sweep is Complete

The speeches are over in Richmond...

The three Dems have made their concession speeches and the three GOPers have made their victory speeches.

The Cuccinelli speech was great as he focused on First Principles and his plans as the Commonwealth's top lawyer. He also broke out a McBollinelli broom for the three-man sweep.

In addition to these three victories, one of Virginia's most liberal delegates, Chuck Caputo, is looking like he will be overtaken by Conservative Jim LeMunyon in Western Fairfax County.

Still too early to tell what is going to happen in New Jersey or NY's 23rd House District.

In looking forward to next year's gubenatorial elections, the RC Blog has targeted Wisconsin Conservative Scott Walker as one of the top conservatives in the nation and we will work hard to help him get to Madison.

Virginia Conservatives Projected to Blow Out Liberals

Polls closed only 20 minutes ago in Virginia, but it looks like a Republican sweep of the Commonwealth's top three slots (governor, lt. governor, and attorney general) for only the second time in Virginia's history.

Living in Sen. Cuccinelli's senate district, we proudly supported him in his campaign for AG on the day of his announcement on March 30, 2008. We here at the RC Blog are extremely proud of him and the campaign he ran, both in the primary and in the general election.

With 2 percent of the votes in, Cuccinelli leads Steve Shannon by 34%. Leads by Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling are similar.

Wasn't it only 12 months ago that we were all told by the "experts" that the "Age of Reagan" was dead?

More posts to follow tonight....
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