Monday, June 21, 2010

Arizona Desert Littered by Illegals Crossing Border

Special thanks to Alice B. for passing along these photos and the background information.  What a disaster!

Arizona's Super Highway

Here is a real eye opener for you.  The photos below are from a layup rest area on an "illegal super highway" from Mexico to the USA (Tucson, Ariz.).  This area is located in a wash area approximately 0.5 miles long just south of Tucson.

We estimate there are over 3,000 discarded backpacks in this layup area, including countless water containers, food wrappers, clothing, and soiled baby diapers.  As I kept walking down the wash, I was sure it was going to end just ahead.  But I kept walking and walking and around every corner was more and more trash!

The trash left behind by the illegals is another of the environmental disasters to hit the USA.  Had this been done in one of our great Northwest Forests or Seashore National Park areas, there would have been an uprising of the American people, but this is remote Arizona-Mexican border.

You won't see these pictures on CNN, ABC, NBC, or CBS.  Nor will they mention the disease that comes from the human waste left in the desert.  They do talk about light bulbs a lot though....

This information needs to be seen by the rest of the country!

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