Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The Truck" Is Coming to Washington!

In an improbable scenario just 15 months ago, Conservative Scott Brown defeated Liberal Martha Coakley in a U.S. Senate special election held yesterday in Massachusetts to replace former Senator/murderer/cheater Ted Kennedy who passed away in late 2009.

Throughout the short campaign, Senator-elect Brown took on the Massachusetts Liberal Establishment and ran a Conservative campaign to capture the seat by 5 percent of the electorate.

Brown campaigned throughout the Commonwealth in his old GM pickup truck with 200,000 miles and ran on Conservative values.

Of course, the Libs, unable to debate Brown on substance, constantly mocked and made fun of Brown for his truck references used in his advertisements and campaign stops.

How ironic that they are going after Brown and his truck since just a decade or so ago the same Libs thought it was so "American" to see former Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone during his campaign travel through the state, and ultimately to Washington, in an old green school bus.

What did Brown's victory yesterday mean? (1) American's do not want health care reform, as it is currently considered by Congress, (2) there is "buyer's remorse" with independents who voted for Obama, and (3) voters are willing to break trends (either direction) to send a message to Washington.

It will be very interesting to see how the Obama Administration reacts to yesterday's defeat. Does he pull a Clinton-like move and pull back on his health care reform ideas or just he buckle down and stick with his Socialist plan. Until he addresses jobs and the economy in a substantive way, he and the Libs can expect more defeats in future elections.

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