Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Robert Gibbs -- Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Yesterday was another comical and absurd day for the Obama Administration.  The day began with the White House Press Hack Robert Gibbs lying on Fox and Friends.  In the evening, President Obama addressed the nation thanking himself for the withdrawal of troops in Iraq and highlighting the successes in promoting freedom and liberty in that country under his watch. 

Of course, anyone with any kind of short-term memory knows that the success in Iraq was due to the leadership of (1) President Bush and (2) General Petraeus.  The actual timeframe nearly hits Bush's original estimate for withdrawing troops from Iraq!  This Oval Office address last night only took place because the President and his party are getting crushed in the polls.  Hopefully, most Americans will see through this political tactic. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out today to all of our country's military and their families, especially the Gold Star families who lost their loved ones in the Iraqi theater over the past several years.  Thanks to the courageous efforts of their children and spouses, success in Iraq became a reality.  Their efforts will never be forgotten...

On a lighter note, here are the videos of Gibbs lying and Obama's comments on the surge in 2007. Does the Left ever think that maybe somebody has recorded all of their public comments and will catch them in their lies?  

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