Sunday, July 4, 2010

Observations from a Busy Week....

Apologies for not posting any updates last week on the many happenings that took place across the country affecting our lives and liberty.  The week was a lot busier than we had hoped, which kept us away from the posting thoughts to the RC Blog.  Anyway, enough excuses.  Here are a few thoughts on some of the bigger events of the past week:

McDonald vs. City of Chicago -- On Monday, the Supreme Court handed down a 5-4 decision in favor of gun rights of individuals.  This landmark decision follows a similar ruling in the Heller case which ruled in favor of handgun ownership in the District of Columbia.  Kudos to the NRA and other organizations for helping get this long battle through the court system.   This decision has the anti-gun groups up in arms!  We must add, however, that the RC Blog is greatly disappointed in the NRA's decision to drop its fight against the Disclose Act, only after it received an exemption from the bill along with the unions.  This bill is a blatant violation of our First Amendment rights and is an example of the Left's crooked attempts to downplay the impacts of the Citizens United ruling on the upcoming November elections. The bill ultimately passed the House 216-209 in late June and awaits action in the Senate.  The NRA has traditionally being a strong supporter of both First and Second Amendment rights of Americans, but in this case it ignored the First Amendment. 

Obama Accepts Foreign Help for Oil Cleanup -- On Day 70, that's 7-0, President Obama finally accepted some help from foreign allies who have been offering their assistance since the first few days of the disaster.  This acceptance still requires all the bureaucratic hurdles that come with such assistance -- approvals from State, DOD, DHS, USCG, EPA, etc.  President Obama's has exhibited in the past month some strange tendencies of being a Globalist and a Protectionist at the same time.  We nearly gagged when he encouraged other countries to continue government-type spending in order to stop the global recession that is before us.  Is he kidding?  European countries like France are finally looking to reduce long-standing entitlements and other facets of welfare state economics, while we seem to be doing the opposite.  Who would have thought that we would see a day when France is moving toward our economic model and we are moving towards theirs.  Sad....

Kagan Hearing -- We did listen and/or watch a good amount of the Elaina Kagan confirmation hearings this week in the Senate.  Ms. Kagan was stymied by several questions, especially those posed by Senators Sessions, Hatch, and Kyl.  At one point during the questioning, Ms. Kagan wouldn't answer a question asking if the government has the right to tell Americans what they can or cannot eat.  In addition, Senator Franken fell asleep during the hearings and doodled some cartoons instead of paying attention.  Sadly, the RC Blog expects her to be confirmed as the newest member of the court.  She will be as Left as any previous judge in history.  The only good news is that she is replacing another Liberal judge, so the vote counts should not expect to change much.  We are hard pressed to believe that President Obama could not have selected a more experienced candidate for this important position.  Instead, he selected a close associate who will be sure to enforce his Leftist agenda on the highest court in the land.

The Economy -- After a brief and artificial bump in the economy over the past several months, led only by tax incentives and temporary federal hiring for the Census, the economy has begun another downward path.  We envision a major tumble in jobs, consumer spending, and the stock market.  Not only did the stock market take a major dip this week, but the employment and housing numbers released were pitiful.  How many more times will we be fooled by Keynesian economic model, which supports heavy government spending, as a solution to improve our economy!!!

Virginia's Battle for Liberty -- We did get a post in earlier this week on the results of the oral arguments made by Virginia in federal court against the Federal Government's opinion that the lawsuit against ObamaCare be thrown out.  Keep your fingers crossed for a decision in Virginia's favor in late July or early August.  As Virginia AG Cuccinelli has pointed out on several occasions, this is not a lawsuit against the health care reform; it is a lawsuit for liberty.  The exact same lawsuit would have been filed if the government was trying to force us to be crayons.

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