Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NAACP Bigotry In Their Ranks

While the "civil rights" leadership and Mainstream Media continue to denounce Tea Partiers as racists and bigots, no evidence is ever produced to prove their point.  This was most noticable when the Left tried going after those who publicly opposed the passage of ObamaCare earlier this year.  Member after member reported that they were spit upon and cursed enroute to the final vote, yet no one as ever produced one trace of evidence in audio or video form.  Every major television network was there plus everyone with their cell phones, BlackBerries, and iPhones, which could have captured all the hatred spewed toward African American members of the House and Senate. 

Take a look at the video below of obvious racism and see how much television coverage this incident will receive -- hypocracy at the highest level!  Someday all Americans, regardless of race, are going to say, "enough is enough!" and stop supporting and giving in to advocacy groups like the NAACP, which spends more time, money, and energy supressing the black community and inciting racial tensions than doing good.


Rick S. said...

I love the "one of his own people" comment. It's funny that people actually think that way. Funny but very sad.

Anonymous said...

Bozell Statement on Networks' Lack of Coverage of Racist Remarks from NAACP Speaker
By Brent Bozell | Tue, 07/20/2010 - 15:01

Managing Editor's Note: Earlier today, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell demanded that the media cover the explosive video footage of an NAACP banquet speaker admitting her racist views and abuse of power that led to her resignation as a Department of Agriculture official yesterday. The full text of that statement is found below:

The liberal media are deliberately spiking the shocking video that reveals an NAACP banquet speaker admitting her racist views and actions. We’ve waited a full 24 hours to see if any coverage of this exposé would surface. So far, nothing but crickets. The ABC, CBS and NBC evening and morning ‘news’ shows have all failed to even mention the damning video admission that is dripping with disdain for white people and that caused the official to tender her resignation.

Worse yet, it comes from the NAACP, the same organization that has feverishly accused the Tea Parties of racism. The thoroughly untrue accusation against the Tea Parties has been propped up and propelled by the incessant reporting of these same networks. Yet they decide to thwart this story about the NAACP.

The only thing more newsworthy than the charges of racism are the hypocritical charges of racism. The media must report this scandal.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/#ixzz0uHa3O8dw

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