Friday, May 21, 2010

Howie Lind for GOP Chairman of Virginia's 10th Congressional District is proud to support and endorse Howie Lind for Virginia's 10th Congressional District GOP Chairman at tomorrow's GOP Convention in Warrenton, Va.  Howie has been a strong supporter over the years of Conservative values and beliefs and he is the true "Reagan Conservative" of this race!  He has done a remarkable job over the past two years on the State Central Committee representing the 10th District and has a wealth of personal and professional experiences, including serving as a Naval Officer for 20 years, Bush appointee, and now an industry executive, all of which make him the right candidate for the job.

Lind started considering a run for Chairman back in 2008.  "I looked around and realized after 2008 that if every one of us didn't pick up a tool and start rebuilding our Party and our nation, nothing would change," Lind told the RC Blog.  "This is in the true Reagan mold - we, the people need to be responsible. I saw this specific position as the place I could serve the most effectively."

He added, "We have many great challenges here in Virginia, but our greatest is to return to a 'narrative' of why Conservatism - the Constitution - matters to every American.  I will bring passion, honesty, and a willingness to work, work, work to elect Conservatives in the 10th District of Virginia."

In reflecting on what it means to be a "Reagan Conservative", Lind said, "Individual liberty and God ordained government - where every citizen is the captain of his or her future, and the state is a minimal intrusion. Freedom works! The great conservative agenda of Reagan is the continuing historic vision of our Founders." Supports and Endorses Howie Lind for GOP Chairman of Virginia's 10th Congressional District! Paint the 10th Red!

Editor's Note:  The RC Blog has received a number of emails since last night about a Dave Schmidt email that was widely distributed to convention delegates from "ReaganConservatives".  Let me assure you that it did not come from my site or blog.  Mr. Schmidt sounds like a nice gentleman and family man who has been instrumental in the party out in the Leesburg area, but this site and its contributors have been in Howie's corner since the day he announced he was running. 

A reminder to convention delegates, you MUST attend and vote to be counted!  You must arrive at Fauquier High School in Warrenton (click here for map), before 10:00 a.m. and bring a picture ID with you for registration.  Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and you must be in registration line by 10:00 a.m. to be able to vote.


Truth Squad Spot said...

Interestint that just below this post is a post about Cuccinelli since he is supporting Howie Lind for Chairman. In addition also interesting that people involved directly with Reagan programs are also supporting Lind.
Is this a true Reagan Conservatives Blog? said...

Truth Squad Spot --

Not sure what is meant by "true Reagan Conservatives Blog". We believe in individual freedom, limited Constitutional government, strong defense, and traditional family values -- all beliefs shared by Cuccinelli and Lind.

RC Blog

Shak said...

Howie represents the grass roots and the heart of the party, so did Reagan. Reagan also said never speak ill of another fellow Republican. Howie will bring open, honest and fair politics to the 10th, something that is not there today!

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