Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Survey: Walker Owns 9% Lead Over Barrett in Wisconsin Governor Race

On the day Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker said he would create 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin, a poll came out showing he still holds nearly a double-digit lead on his Democratic counterpart.

Rasmussen Reports came out with a survey poll putting Walker, currently the Milwaukee County Executive, ahead of Democratic candidate Tom Barrett, in a head-to-head race.

He leads Barrett, now Milwaukee's mayor, by nine percentage points, 49% to 40%.

Last month, Walker led the poll by a 10% margin.

Walker made his jobs promise at a meeting of Wisconsin business leaders in Madison.

"I will create 250,000 new jobs and 50,000 new businesses by the end of my first term."

Barrett also spoke at the event and told those at the meeting that jobs would be his first priority.

The survey group also said that Barrett trails the other Republican candidate, Mark Neumann, 44% to 42%.

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