Thursday, March 18, 2010

President Obama Coming to Fairfax, Va. (George Mason University) March 19 to Discuss Health Care Reform

Attention all Northern Virginia Conservatives!

President Obama will be coming to George Mason University's Patriot Center in Fairfax on Friday, March 19 to discuss the health care reform.  This is an obvious attempt to pursuade Rep. Gerry Connolly in his home district to move from "undecided" to "yes".  Connolly is make a last-ditch attempt to distance himself from both Obama and the health care issue, but it's not working.  He knows he's in a no-win situation.  If he votes "yes", he is in serious jeopardy of becoming a one-term member; if he votes "no", he'll be in Pelosi and Obama's doghouse and could jeopardize the bill's passage.

The event at the Patriot Center is first-come in terms of attendance.  The more Conservatives in attendance and/or rallying outside the facility, the better we can make our position clear to attendees and the media.

Here is a link regarding the event:

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