Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Must See TV! Tea Party Angers MSNBC Host

Check out this video of MSNBC's MS-LSD's Dylan Ratigan interviewing Tea Party Express's Mark Williams. Ratigan yells, screams, and walks off his own set, and alleges that tea partiers carry signs calling for the death of blacks and Jews. And as the veins were bursting in his head he then demanded that Mark Williams' microphone be cut off so he could be heard.

We're not exaggeraring folks. Watch this amazing video clip of a complete meltdown - and a bizarrely fascinating display of hypocrisy as MS-LSD does a propaganda segment on "Anger in America" and then shows us exactly what it looks like. Isn't the left the party of known racists (Sen. Byrd) and bigots ("Rev" Jackson)?

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