Friday, February 5, 2010

RC Blog Endorses Howie Lind for Virginia's 10th Congressional District GOP Chairman

The RC Blog is proud to support and endorse Howie Lind, a true Reagan Conservative, for Virginia's 10th Congressional District GOP Chairman. Lind currently serves as a member of the State Central Committee for the 10th District and has done a fantatic job since being elected to the post in 2008. He also served as the Dranesville District Chairman from 2006-2008. Howie is a decorated 20-year U.S. Navy veteran and served in the Bush Administration.

Here was Howie's announcement of his candidacy:

“In making this decision, I was reminded that each of us has a responsibility as a Virginian and as an American to do our part to preserve and protect what has been handed down to us. In 1980, Ronald Reagan famously asked Americans a question which resonates as much today as it did then: “If not us, who? If not now, when?” I believe, as I know so many of you do, that history is once again calling us to a great struggle - for the very soul of our nation. Our Virginia and American heritage is under siege. Our traditions and founding ideals are under relentless assault. Today's cultural and political "elites" seem determined to destroy everything that has made our nation the envy of the world and are putting our national security at risk. Will you join me and fight for our commonwealth and for our country?”

We encourage all 10th District Republicans to sign up to vote at the 10th District Convention on May 22. The Convention will be held at Fauquier High School in Warrenton, Va. The primary business of this convention is to elect the new Chairman. You will need to be registered as a delegate
with your local GOP committee, and attend the convention in person to vote.

For more information on how to sign up as a 10th District delegate, please contact the Howie Lind for Chairman campaign at (703) 336-3940.

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