Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wash. Post Makes Feeble Attempt to Slander Sen. Cuccinelli In Bid for AG

Last week, Robert McCartney from the Washington Post penned a Metro section front-page opinion piece attempted to pursuade Virginia voters to "wake up" and not elect our choice for Virginia's next Attorney General, state senator Ken Cuccinelli. With Cuccinelli up in every Virginia media market and his opponent (state del. Steve Shannon) with a name ID recognition of less that 50% (unheard of in any campaign with a week to go!), the Post felt it must do its job to help the liberal cause.

How ironic that in a week in which the Post underwent a physical "facelift" (new fonts, setup, etc.), it would still show its true colors at a slanted liberal paper.

If you did not read the column, here is a link:

I will give the Post editors some credit for running two letters to the editor in Monday's edition that went after Mr. McCartney's slanderous article:

Why voters like Ken Cuccinelli

Monday, October 26, 2009

Robert McCartney's Oct. 22 Metro column bashing state Sen. Ken Cuccinelli II (R-Fairfax) -- I guess your editorial page was just too crowded that day -- missed the main attraction of the attorney general candidate to a weary electorate: his honesty ["Cuccinelli: In your heart you know he's to the right of right"]. In this era of constant media spin, advocacy journalism on news pages and "balloon boy" escapades, it is refreshing to find a politician that you can trust.

I have walked precincts for Ken Cuccinelli in his past two elections. He is hardworking, intelligent and direct. Time and again, I have seen him win over voters who might not agree with him on a particular issue but are impressed with his command of the facts, straight answers and willingness to listen to the other point of view. Very few voters in Fairfax County have ever come across a politician other than Cuccinelli who will give them a straight answer.

It is refreshing and inspiring.

Margaret Baker, Clifton
The writer is a volunteer in Ken Cuccinelli's campaign.


With Republican Ken Cuccinelli II significantly leading his opponent in the polls for months in the race between two Fairfax County legislators to become Virginia's next attorney general based on legitimate campaign factors -- debate results, grass-roots campaigning and positions on issues important to voters -- your paper decided it was time to do its part to engage in an effort to defeat Cuccinelli in his contest against Democratic Del. Stephen C. Shannon.

Robert McCartney's column was an obvious attempt to persuade Virginia voters to ignore the facts of the campaign and stop the social conservative before it's too late.

I would hope that Virginia voters would consider the experiences, endorsements, strengths and weaknesses of the candidates as the basis for their vote and not the biased intentions or assertions of Mr. McCartney.

Voters can see for themselves the differences and positions of these two candidates by conducting an Internet search for "Ken Cuccinelli Steve Shannon Debate." There are numerous videos from their debates available to view. The results are astonishingly clear as to who should serve as the next attorney general, and they validate why Cuccinelli leads in the polls.

Kevin O'Malley, Centreville


Anonymous said...

Good job Kevin. I'm glad you posted it here. I not only will never buy that liberal trash but try to avoid the website also.

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