Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cuccinelli Proves Why He is the Grassroots King of Virginia

Va. State Senator Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee for the Commonwealth's Attorney General race, has proved (again...) that his level of grassroots support is second to none.

Here's the latest from Senator Cuccinelli's "Compass" newsletter:

Finance reports were due today, and I wanted to share some interesting figures with all of you about the numbers between us and our opponent:

He had 388 donors over $100. We had 810, more than double.

He had 115 donors of $100 or less. We had 1386, over 10 times as many small donors!

Our total number of donors set the all-time record for number of donors to an AG campaign in one finance period with 2,196 (more than four times our opponent's 503). Mind you, we didn't just break the record, we shattered it. The previous record was 1,179. THIS is a tremendous measure of our grassroots support - thanks to all of you that have donated!

We outraised our opponent, $617K to $534K. We have now outraised him in both reporting periods since the convention; however, his year-long head start (he did not have a Dem nomination contest) has him up in cash by about 2 to 1, so please donate again today at!

One of the most interesting factoids from our opponent is that he has 11 donors that gave $10K or more... 7 of the 11 are unions, 1 is a plaintiffs' litigation law firm, and 1 was the Democrat Attorneys General Association.

We will keep pushing to bring more people into this campaign, but we need your help! Please invite friends and family to donate too, as we still have lots of ground to make up.

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