Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not So Forthcoming...

From this week's "National Journal"....

Curious about the views of the new Federal Communications Commission chairman, Julius Genachowski? You'll have to wait. The agency chief, who has promised un-precedented openness, has declined interviews since taking the helm in late June, and it's not clear when he'll start talking. "I think you'll see him embrace the media after this initial phase," spokeswoman Jen Howard said, emphasizing that Genachowski is in a "listening and learning mode" for now. Equally unclear is when the chairman will convene his first press briefing. After his public debut at the FCC on July 2, Genachowski held an off-the-record "meet and greet" with reporters who were advised beforehand that he wouldn't be answering tough questions. One scribe found it "somewhat useful," while another complained that the only bombshell was a parking ticket he received. The genteel reception, which featured chocolate-covered biscotti and other snacks, was held in a conference room where reporters gathered monthly to grill Genachowski's GOP predecessor, Kevin Martin--whom Democrats repeatedly scolded for lack of transparency. (reported by David Hatch, National Journal)

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