Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cuccinelli Wins GOP Nomination for AG!

The blog is pleased to announced that Virginia State Senator Ken Cuccinelli, strongly endorsed and supported by this blog, has won the nomination to represent the Republican party in this year's general election for Attorney General of the Commonwealth against Virginia Delegate Steve Shannon of Vienna.

Cuccinelli rounds out a solidly conservative statewide ticket headed by gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell and incumbent Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. Cuccinelli’s boisterous backers delivered him a first-ballot victory at the party’s state convention in Richmond today, pushing him past former federal prosecutor John Brownlee of Roanoke County and attorney Dave Foster of Arlington County.

Brownlee and Foster conceded to Cuccinelli before party officials could announce the results of the balloting and asked delegates to make Cuccinelli’s nomination unanimous. Cuccinelli had strong support from conservative activists at the heart of the GOP’s base, and said he would advocate the same agenda as a statewide official that he pursued as an outspoken legislator.

Cuccinelli has proven (once again...) that he is the most efficient and effective grassroots politician in the Commonwealth at any level. Congratulations to Senator Cuccinelli on a clean and well deserved victory today in Richmond!

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