Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mark Levin vs. David Frum

Fantastic post by "Hogan" on against the pseudo-Republicans who went after Rush Limbaugh and his speech at CPAC last Saturday... Also, you can listen to an on-air debate between Mark Levin and David Frum by clicking here.

A note to David Frum, Ross Douthat, David Brooks and every other self-important, self-designated savior of the Republican Party… PLEASE STOP.

Please stop telling us what is wrong with… well, US. Seriously, I just cannot take it any more.

It’s like Yankees who come South because it’s generally such a nice place to live and then tell us we’re all a bunch of idiots and that we need to “do it like they used to do it back in Detroit.” Spare me – move back to Detroit and leave me alone.

We all recognize the problems we face as a nation, and as a Party. You want a frigging medal because you, too, can read polls and recognize that we need to sort out the Hispanic-gap, the suburban-soccer-mom-gap, the generational gap, the new-young-christian-gap or any other gap the numbers indicate? No freaking crap, geniuses. We just want to start with principle instead of a craptacularly stupid effort to buy-off their votes.

I can tolerate (while vehemently disagreeing with) your random ideas about traffic jams and ramping up police forces, your gas tax to pay for other tax cuts and a green agenda, your musings about FDR somehow being the model for 21st Century conservatism, and I can even tolerate your boring books that some Republicans read to prove they are “introspective” and thoughtful about the movement.

What makes me want to scream – and I mean a pull-my-hair-out, punch-someone-in-the-face kind of scream – is your self-indulgent, holier-than-thou proclamations about how wrong most of us “conservatives” are simply because you have seen the light after all this time writing for the New York Times, all of 5 minutes working for the Bush Administration, or all this time well, doing very little other than writing a book called Grand New Party and putting yourself out as the savior of a movement you apparently want little to do with.

I do not want – as I suspect most Republicans do not want – to suggest that we cannot have a fine debate about ideas within the movement. We always have. We always will. There is nothing new about that. I do it all the time with a great many smart conservatives. And you three have offered some fine ideas along the way, when not spending your time trying to re-make us.

Yes, we are a big tent… but we are a big tent with principles. Those principles vary a little bit, but there are large, common threads – freedom, personal responsibility, limited government and an appropriate deference to the Almighty are just a few of those principles the VAST majority of conservatives and Republicans I know embrace.

I love being a conservative and am proud to call myself one – so please do us a favor… quit calling yourself conservative, moving the goalposts on us, and then complaining we are on a different field. If you want to have a discussion of ideas, gentlemen, put them out there and we may find common ground. But STOP the condescending babbling about how “bad” we are and recognize that life is too short to go around being pompous and angry in your self-promotion.

p.s. If you are wondering what triggered this particular reaction, it was
this post by David Frum, but it was only because it was the most recent… it could have been any one of hundreds of others…


Franklin's Locke said...

Great Post! I listened to “The Great One” tear these RINOs apart Monday! It was great to hear.

It is about time that the Conservatives take back this party. It is time that we tell these wannabes to get out of our way. It is time we stand up and tell people what Conservatism is all about and that it is not what these guys think it is. I read a post that George Will said that Conservatism was too complex to explain in a few sentences. Hooey! BS. You just did it! If you ask true Conservatives, we can do it! I can and I am not one of these so called “intellectuals.”

Anonymous said...

The Party did reform itself to Frum's ideal with the McCain nomination. And we see how well that went.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that Mark extended any courtesy to this back-bencher. When I heard David Frum talk, I thought I was listening to Howard Dean.

Why do these guys continue to call themselves republicans. They are all using liberal talking points ALL THE TIME!!

I heard Howard Dean give advice on rebuilding the republican party on CNN and he sounded "word-for-word" like David Frum.

The Democrats picked our candidate in 2008. Now Democrats are going to help us reshape the republican party?

What a joke --

Big Spoon said...

You know what? I spent the last few years bemoaning the Republican Party because of all the things I didn't like about it. This election of Obama will do what no one else could do. Re-energize, re-invigorate, re-make and revive the Republican Party. Out go all of the moderates and left-leaning members, and here come the conservatives, ready to fight for what we believe in. I have been a registered Independent for years. Now I choose to join the fight to bring our party back to where it belongs. Faith, family, freedom. This is the beginning of something special.

Pauli said...
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psides said...

Love this! These guys are losers! Not Conservatives never been Conservatives! Great post!

PunditFight said...

I wonder what a David Frum Talk radio show would sound like. He is quite the talker.

I do like the 'bloggingheads' aesthetic of two people having a casual debate. But the talk radio aesthetic of "wrestling-style" shouting matches which I talk about on my blog is far more entertaining and palatable for the masses. rightly or wrongly.

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