Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tax Evaders Unite!

Well, the wheels seem to have fallen off the Presidential motorcade as tax issues with President Obama's nominees took another twist today. After getting his Treasury nominee, significant and illegal tax issues notwithstanding, through the Senate confirmation process, President Obama's luck has run out.

Former Senate Majority Leader and Health and Human Services Secretary nominee Tom Daschle (center of photo from 2002 when he used his wrong hand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance) withdrew his name from consideration this morning following a series of reported federal tax violations. The Obama Machine and Dem leadership in Congress tried to downplay Daschle's problem over the past few days as they did several weeks ago in the case of newly sworn-in Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who defrauded the government of tens of thousands of dollars in payroll taxes while working at the International Monetary Fund.

In addition to Daschle's withdrawal, Obama's Chief Performance Officer nominee Nancy Killefer also removed herself today from consideration due to previous tax problems.

How ironic that the party which celebrates April 15 as a national holiday and wants nothing more than to overtax "working" Americans to pay for unnecessary socialized services for all Americans would lose two nominations on the same day to tax evasion.

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