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Archbishop Chaput Criticizes Obama, Catholic Allies

From the Associated Press:

Denver Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput labeled Barack Obama the "most committed" abortion-rights candidate from a major party in 35 years while accusing a Catholic Obama ally and other Democratic-friendly Catholic groups of doing a "disservice to the church."

Chaput, one of the nation's most politically outspoken Catholic prelates, delivered the remarks Friday night at a dinner of a Catholic women's group.

His comments were among the sharpest in a debate over abortion and Catholic political responsibility in a campaign in which Catholics represent a key swing vote.

While Chaput has won praise from traditionalist Catholics for stressing opposition to abortion as a foundational voting issue, voices on the Catholic left have sought to apply church teachings to war, poverty, the environment and other issues.

Although the Catholic left is not new, several advocacy groups have either formed or ramped up activities since 2004. Partly, their efforts are a response to attention given to the pro-abortion rights stance of Democrat John Kerry, a Catholic who was criticized by a few bishops who suggested he should be denied or refrain from Communion.

Chaput, without getting into much detail, called Obama the "most committed" abortion-rights major-party presidential candidate since the landmark Roe v. Wade decision on abortion in 1973.

"To suggest - as some Catholics do - that Senator Obama is this year's 'real' pro-life candidate requires a peculiar kind of self-hypnosis, or moral confusion, or worse," Chaput said according to his prepared remarks, titled "Little Murders."

Mark Linton, the Obama campaign's Catholic outreach coordinator, said in a statement Saturday that Obama is "proud to have the support of so many committed Catholics who are hungry for real change after eight years of failed policies. He has offered Americans real solutions even on tough issues like abortion, where we can come together to teach our kids responsibility and self-respect, to prevent unintended pregnancies, and offer strong support to women."

The Obama campaign has been promoting an unusual-suspect sort of endorsement from Douglas Kmiec, a Catholic law professor and former legal counsel in the Reagan administration.
Kmiec wrote a book making a Catholic case for Obama. He argues the Obama campaign is premised on Catholic social teaching like care for working families and the poor and foreign policy premised on peace over war. Democratic efforts to tackle social and economic factors that contribute to abortion hold more promise, Kmiec said, than Republican efforts to criminalize it.
While applauding Kmiec's past record, Chaput said: "I think his activism for Senator Barack Obama, and the work of Democratic-friendly groups like Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, have done a disservice to the church, confused the natural priorities of Catholic social teaching, undermined the progress pro-lifers have made, and provided an excuse for some Catholics to abandon the abortion issue instead of fighting within their parties and at the ballot box to protect the unborn."

Pro-Obama Catholics "seek to contextualize, demote and then counterbalance the evil of abortion with other important but less foundational social issues," said Chaput, who wrote a book this year, "Render Unto Caesar," about Catholics and politics.

Chaput emphasized he was speaking as a private citizen and not as a representative of the Denver archdiocese. The IRS prohibits clergy, in their role as clergy, from supporting or opposing candidates. Chaput already has said that Obama running mate Joe Biden, a Catholic, should not present himself for Communion because of his abortion rights position.

Chris Korzen, executive director of Washington-based Catholics United, which has argued in direct mail and TV ads that taking the "pro-life" position means more than opposing abortion rights, criticized Chaput's statements.

"We are concerned that Archbishop Chaput's comments - even those made in his personal capacity - will have a chilling effect on this dialogue," Korzen said in a statement. "It is also profoundly unfortunate that Archbishop Chaput has chosen to make personal attacks on lay Catholics acting in good faith to promote Catholic values in the public square."

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Bartering said...

When does life begins

Some say that abortion is a Supreme Court issue, and they are right to a point. Up to two of the Supreme Court Judges are going to retire in the next presidential term, and then next President of the United States will get to choose who will be the next Supreme Court Judge. Then next Judge will ether reverse Roe V Wade or confirm it!

My stance on “When does life begins” is not necessary based on my Christian beliefs. However the Bible dose clearly tell us that life begins at Conception, but there are many people out their that don’t believe in the bible, or believe that the bible is out dated. My augment for life is simple. Life begins at the beginning, and not in the middle, nor after the baby takes his/her first breath, but in the beginning. Just like when pour your self Kool-Ade. Where did it come from? It just did not become Kool-Ade when it was pored in to your glass. The ingredients had to be put together, and once it was put together it was Kool-Ade before it was in your glass. Just like when life begins. The ingredients alone do not make it life, but once they come together. That is when the magic happens. As soon as the sperm fertilizes the egg there is a chemical reaction that tells the mothers body that a baby has been conceived. So why do we have this debate. The body knows its life. So why don’t people understand this? Why do they look at the facts, and ignore them?

Why would we allow the indiscriminate murder of a baby before they had a chance to take their first breath? To me this is a bigger issue then slavery. At that time African American was not consider to be 100% human. Just because of the color of their skin. Now it’s the right for life. Who will speak for the ones who cannot speak? Who will be their champion? Who will defend their right to live? Who will stand up and call it for what it is? Murder. Why would we allow the execution of innocent life? Yes some say that their should be a exception for Rape and Incest. But we don’t execute the son for the father’s sin. So why should we put an unborn child death? The 1.2 million unborn children that are aborted, breaks my hart. Not just because innocent life was lost, but also for the mother that should have been. My hart ache for them as well. I have not met any one who had not suffered some kind of negative mental affect from having an abortion. There are other alternatives to abortions. And we need to let these women know about them be before they do something that they will regret. If the chide is unwanted, they could be adopted. I know the adoption process in this country is expensive, and that would be another huge problem that needs to be addressed. And their are some origination that are trying to make adoption free. This will go a long way to help reduce or eliminate abortion. is an independent site and is not affiliated with any official web sites, associations, or organizations associated with President Reagan. Any views expressed or content included on this site do not necessarily reflect the views, positions, or opinions of any of the organizations or individuals named, linked, or advertised.

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